Tonight I made the awesome, incredibly easy cranberry chicken I got from Rachel during my visit to Grand Rapids last fall. We had it with broccoli and pineapple rings.

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Bread and some leftover soup. Good enough!

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Don’t you love that word?

On a typical week, Monday is grocery shopping day.  I bought a loaf of whole wheat honey bread and thought I’d make a sandwich with it for lunch.  It was okay, but not quite as good as the picture makes it look.


 A few more of today’s purchases:  One of my favorite nighttime snacks is a bowl of this.


I’m making my sister-in-law’s “Autumn Soup” (in the first week of spring LOL!) this week.  The recipe calls for Kitchen Boquet.  I had never heard of it so I had to text her in the middle of aisle 4 to ask her what the heck it is.  It’s a little bottle of liquid that you add to stews and was by the gravy mixes, etc.  Ya learn something new every day.


I bought these, too.  They are a little weakness of mine and are murder on the teeth.  Que sera sera!  Strawberry is my favorite and I love getting to the GUM!


And THIS is what happens when you spend two hours every Sunday afternoon planning out your shopping trip! 


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A little behind

(Actually, I wish my behind were a tiny bit bigger but that’s beside the point.) I’m a little behind in my blogging today. But ohhh it was a productive day so I’m a happy girl!
Let’s see….well, I’ll just post the pics and go from there.

Saturday night’s dinner – salad with chicken and light honey mustard dressing, toast with jelly, and red grapes. Hubby said the toast was totally out of place in this meal, but I like to have bread with salad even if it is just toast.

Today’s lunch was mac and cheese with peas and carrots mixed in. Always a surefire way to get Liss (and mommy) to devour her veggies. Baby dills and an apple on the side. I can eat pickles with virtually anything.

Last but not least – I tried the 3-minute microwave mug cake out on my hubby. He hated it. I finished it for him. Ahhh well. Can’t win ’em all.

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Don’t know why my entries are out of order. I’ll try to fix it tomorrow cuz it’s mildly aggravating!

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Ok so I decided I’m not gonna document every single thing I eat, cuz frankly it could get quite boring. I’ll just write about certain numnums.

I tried some of Starbucks new Via instant coffee. It was Italian and it was bitter and horrible. I told them so, and they told me to try the Columbia instead. I made it just now and it is delish! Leave it to Starbucks to perfect instant coffee. Sweet!

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Happy Friday!
Pretty typical breakfast today. The Mini Wheats keep me full til lunch and provide lots of fiber. I love bananas. But why does peanut butter have to have 210 calories in only two tablespoons?! Jeeeeez.
Lately I’ve been making myself a cup of coffee in the mornings too. Don’t really feel like it today, so I’ll probably have a cup this afternoon instead.

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I was super hungry when I got home from the gym today, so we had lunch pretty much as soon as we got our jackets off.  Was in a sammy kind of mood so I had a turkey on whole wheat with medium cheddar, lettuce, tomato, mayo and plenty of mustard.  I love me my condiments – especially mustard.  Also had some cheddar Sun Chips and raw veggies with lite buttermilk ranch dip (which, in my opinion, is sometimes well worth the bad breath that results).  Oh, and Diet Pepsi with Lime.  Bubbles always add a certain pleasantness to lunch, don’t you agree?


I needed just a little something sweet after that, so Lissy and I shared a handful of chocolate Teddy Grahams.


Now it’s 2:15 and the munchies are striking already.  Jiffy Pop 100-Calorie Pack kettle corn to the rescue.  Salty, sweet and crunchy.  Perfect snack.  Comes in butter flavor too.  Drink of choice with this snack: good ol’ ice water.


Have you heard of “Hungry Girl?” Check out www.hungrygirl.com. I signed up to get daily emails, which include healthy tips and recipes for….well….hungry girls.  So I’ll probably be trying some of the recipes.  Aren’t you thrilled?

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Taco Bell’s fresco menu is kinda cool. Today’s lunch was a fresco steak soft taco (weird choice for a chick who doesn’t like steak) and a fresco bean burrito. Said Taco Bell items were eaten in A&W because that’s what Scott and Liss had. I didn’t feel like a burger and fries. Kinda happy that I consumed 15 grams of fat instead of like 80.

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Dinner was lame tonight. I spent so much time setting up this blog that I had to get dinner ready in like three minutes in order to feed hubby and Liss before I ran out the door at 6:45 to head to church.
So tonight it was Prepackaged City: Hormel meat loaf and Country Crock cinnamon apples. I also had a hunk of marble cheese cuz the meat loaf left me wanting. Looks sooo appetizing, doesn’t it? Or not.

And we almost always have one or two tall glasses of skim moo juice with dinner. You’re struggling to contain your excitement, I know.

Was hungry when I got home tonight so I pulled out a box of Sunbelt raspberry fruit bars. Not terribly healthy but not terribly unhealthy either. I think they’re way yummy.

Aren’t you just itching to find out what I put in my belly next? Man. Life would be so much less interesting if I weren’t such a dork. Bless your heart for reading.

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